From people who regularly take Carte Blanche:

  • In the New Year, I vowed to make improvements in various avenues in my life. For instance it is usually very hard for me to get out of bed and start my day. No matter how early or how late I get up, physically getting up and starting my day is always a challenge. I found that in my first week of taking these it became shockingly easier to get up and out the door, and to my surprise with a smile on my face. It seemed by day three the increase of energy became apparent. Soon it became a habitual routine. I find that I am more productive in my day to day life with more time spent out of bed and the energy and stamina to work towards my other goals. Another positive experience I had was diminished cravings for nicotine products. I have tried numerous times to quit smoking, in various ways and nothing was working. I started to realize that the days I took my supplements my cravings seemed to diminish and I have used them to aid in that process. As I mentioned earlier, it was hard for me to start my days. This was mostly due to depression I have been experiencing. Two weeks after taking the Cognitive Blend for four days a week, I noticed a great improvement in my mood, my appetite, and my overall approach to difficult situations that arise in life. I also find myself more sociable and less anxious in group situations.
    - Harrison Flores from Los Angeles, CA. Software Engineer. (Regularly uses Cognitive blend, occasional High performance blend)


  • "They brought me peace; made me more confident in doing what I should be doing for myself. They brought relaxation to my body and lifted my fears. They give me Faith to know that everything is ok especially mentally." - Marilynne, 73 years old from Michigan. Marilynne was suffering from Alzheimer's-like symptoms following her second COVID vaccine shot. She credits Carte Blanche supplements for her recovery.

  •  I am diagnosed with ADHD, also known as Attention-Deficit/ hyperactivity disorder. This looks like a loss of focus constantly throughout my day. I take medication to help aid this challenge. Sometimes I can’t get my prescription filled due to financial reasons andI find those times to be increasingly difficult. I made it a habit to take other natural supplements to support my well-being and then I found THESE. I noticed that on the days I didn’t take my prescription, but took my new supplements, I was doing great! It was honestly surprising to find that my energy levels had remained where I needed them to be, and most importantly my focus did not deteriorate. Most of the time when I do not have access to my prescription, I find it hard to do tasks around the house, focus on my work, and not feel scattered throughout the day. However these became a standard for me three times throughout the week. I find myself doing daily life tasks such as cleaning easier, I find focusing for hours on my shift coming with more ease. I really recommend just trying this out if you need help focusing on tasks, or set goals you have.

    • - Hannah Miller, Medical Receptionist from Chino Hills, CA. (High Performance Blend)

  • I started taking these cognitive supplements because I was curious if it would boost creativity. As an artist I am constantly crafting and coming up with ideas for projects. My main medium is metalwork. Most days I spend long hours in the shop welding. I have been taking these supplements for a little over a month, four days a week. In that time I have experienced a long standing boost in energy throughout my long days in metal working, and my creativity coming on more naturally and less forced when starting projects. The anxiety and frustration I would experience in the creative process has seemed to diminish while taking these. I love what I do as my craft, and I am very pleased to find a natural supplement to aid me through my long days and give me a boost in my mind, my skill-set.
    - Jack S. from Portland, OR. BFA/Artist in 3D media (Uses Cognitive Blend)

  • Health and nutrition are a huge focus in my life. I spend most of my free time studying plant medicine as a hobby as I work towards my passion of being a nutritionist. While taking Carte Blanche, I find that I have improved energy, mood, and outlook on situations that arise in my life. Looking at the ingredients list I was pleased to see many great natural herbs listed, such as Bacopa. Bacopa has been used for centuries in ayurvedic medicine (one of the world's oldest medical systems) and has many great benefits to our health and well-being including being used to aid in anxiety, memory, and cognitive functioning. Turmeric is an important anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. I was pleased to see a mix of beneficial natural products in these supplements. I pay extreme detail to what I put in my body, and these have been happily welcomed into my system. Beyond just improving my mood and stamina, I found my cravings for sweet treats and fatty foods seemed to be deterred. I recommend these to anyone who is a lover of plant medicine, healthy living, and even looking to transform eating and daily habits.
    - Samantha Beel from Davis, CA. Health Foods and Sustainability. (Uses Cognitive Blend on a daily basis)
  • College life during the pandemic has been extremely challenging to my academic journey due to being in and out of campus. I found that in my last semester, I had lost motivation to work since I was at home and could be as comfortable as I wanted. I was trying to work out more, wake up earlier to get assignments done, and be more productive in my day-to-day life as I adjusted to being at home. It was a very hard process for me and these bumps in my academic journey made me depressed. I had a friend suggest I try these supplements and I accepted some samples. My first impression was that these were simply amazing. Within a week of taking them I started to feel an increase in my will-power and drive to get assignments done. Writing a paper didn’t feel like an uphill battle, it felt like it came to me easier and faster. Prior to this I would be drained from a couple assignments and call it a day. Lately, I have more longevity throughout my days and have time and energy for my personal tasks on top of my workload, which is a huge improvement for my life. I have recommended these to my fellow students looking for a natural and new way to boost not only your academic drive but your mental perseverance.  While depression comes and goes, I definitely feel strong enough to say these helped me get my daily habits back in line, in turn leading to positive mental improvements.
    - Adrian Gonzalez, Student at CSULB working towards a BA in Psychology. (Uses Cognitive Blend)



    •   Anxiety has been a hard thing to cope and deal with, I have been having a hard time in social situations since the pandemic started as well as just my overall outlook and sense of well being. I started to take the cognitive blend to help with this issue, I noticed listed on the ingredients was bacopa, upon research I found this a natural supplement to reduce anxiety. I started taking them and noticed it was becoming easier to do simple things that had given me an anxious feeling such as leaving the house. I was impressed by the relief I felt over a couple weeks and decided to take the enhamnent blend for an upcoming social gathering I was attending. Usually in these situations I feel very stressed, self-questioning, and anxious, to my surprise I was open and very chatty. I felt solid in myself and the situation I was in, without a knot in my stomach or negative feelings, I really have been enjoying myself and tasks that seemed dreadful or in my own mind even impossible. I am really thankful to have experienced these feelings, something that felt so out of reach. - Anthony Estrada, Artist from Southern CA. (Uses Both blends regularly)


    • For the last year I have been on a personal journey through promoting well-being within myself. I started by changing my diet to match a healthier lifestyle and exercising everyday throughout the week. I had this set goal to transform my life to support my mental and emotional well-being, however I found it really hard to keep this goal intact while also facing the challenges of everyday life. I was starting to be exhausted and burned out. I had trouble sleeping because I felt so much of the day was gone from working, cooking, and then making all these lifestyle changes. I added various supplements to my diet to aid in the changes, including the high performance blend. After taking these for a month, my goal became a reality. I found that I had more energy throughout the day to get all my work done and still have energy to put back into myself through my diet and exercise. It seemed to me that my food cravings were of healthy nutritional sources, and that because I was having productive days I was starting to sleep easier again. This supplement helped propel me toward my set intentions, and I find my lifestyle has greatly improved in terms of my mental and physical well-being.
      - Christian from Long Beach, CA. Works in Parts Manufacturing (High performance Blend on a regular basis)


    • My previous job was working in a rehabilitation center for addicts. I decided to leave due to the pandemic, however combating addiction and assisting in harm reduction is something I am still very passionate about. After I left my job I was discussing with my friend some of the mental struggles from stress in this line of work, as well as my struggles with ADHD, Depression, and anxiety. She told me about these supplements supporting overall well-being. I noticed my mood took a sharp incline over the three weeks I had taken them on two to three day intervals. I found it easier to cope with the stress I was facing, my focus improved when I did not take my medication for ADHD. I really was taken back by that and decided to go a couple weeks without my medication, and I was shocked to see I was operating at the same level without them. This opened my eyes to the possibility to aid in cravings or people’s addictions. I really feel that this can be used as a form of harm reduction in the community.
      - Keelynn from Garden Grove, CA. Rehabilitation Tech (High Performance Blend)

    • When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and my life turned upside down, it was a struggle to stay on top of everything. Also, I was about to turn 40 years old which was a lot to take in, and I wasn't ready to cope with such drastic changes. Remote work. Homeschooling my daughter. Having to deal with my wife all day (jk, God bless my rock). I'm now on my second year of taking Carte Blanche supplements and boy has it been a difference-maker. I follow the recommended regimen of taking one Cognitive Blend about 3 or 4 days per week and also the High Performance Blend once or twice a week on my busiest days. In addition to helping me stay focused during horrendously boring Zoom team meetings, I find myself actually excited to do simple tasks such as debugging code and merging repositories. At times I feel like I am literally seeing the code better and my syntax flows effortlessly. High Performance days really really really get me feeling like a genius. And my colleagues have noticed... I haven't told any of them that I'm taking these supplements as I kind of enjoy hearing their amazement at my work haha. At home, I feel more able to be patient with my family. My wife and daughter have both told me I'm funnier as of late and I'm not the funniest guy, so I'll chalk it up to these capsules. Bravo!  - Zack S., Senior Platform Architect/Engineer from Culver City, CA

    • Working in the mental health field I have always been on the lookout for various supplements that promote mental or physical wellness. Most of the time I am skeptical of these products for many reasons, but I have an open mind and am willing to try them out to recommend to friends, family, and counter-parts if I see any benefits. When I started these supplements, I noticed a relatively fast boost in energy. It felt very productive and clear. When I drink a coffee to wake up I usually feel quite anxious and jittery; in comparison the supplements were the exact opposite. I felt awake, focused, calm, and alert. I started taking these two days out of the week, and eventually went up to three days a week for a month. Working in the mental health field, I am regularly analyzing my own moods and daily habits. Overall, I have started to feel like it is easier to wake up in the morning and get my day started, I feel like my mood has improved and my daily stressors do not seem to get the best of me as much. I truly recommend these to people looking to have a boost in productivity and overall well-being.  - Lanna V from Huntington Beach, CA. Technician of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy Groups. (Uses Cognitive Blend)