When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and my life turned upside down, it was a struggle to stay on top of everything. Also, I was about to turn 40 years old which was a lot to take in, and I wasn't ready to cope with such drastic changes. Remote work. Homeschooling my daughter. Having to deal with my wife all day (jk, God bless my rock). I'm now on my second year of taking Carte Blanche supplements and boy has it been a difference-maker. I follow the recommended regimen of taking one Cognitive Blend about 3 or 4 days per week and also the High Performance Blend once or twice a week on my busiest days. In addition to helping me stay focused during horrendously boring Zoom team meetings, I find myself actually excited to do simple tasks such as debugging code and merging repositories. At times I feel like I am literally seeing the code better and my syntax flows effortlessly. High Performance days really really really get me feeling like a genius. And my colleagues have noticed... I haven't told any of them that I'm taking these supplements as I kind of enjoy hearing their amazement at my work haha. At home, I feel more able to be patient with my family. My wife and daughter have both told me I'm funnier as of late and I'm not the funniest guy, so I'll chalk it up to these capsules. Bravo!  - Zack S. Senior Platform Architect/Engineer from Culver City, CA

Working in the mental health field I have always been on the lookout for various supplements that promote mental or physical wellness. Most of the time I am skeptical of these products for many reasons, but I have an open mind and am willing to try them out to recommend to friends, family, and counter-parts if I see any benefits. When I started taking these supplements, I noticed a relatively fast boost in energy. It felt very productive and clear. When I drink a coffee to wake up I usually feel quite anxious and jittery; in comparison the supplements were the exact opposite. I felt awake, focused, calm, and alert. I started taking these two days out of the week, and eventually went up to three days a week for a month. Working in the mental health field, I am regularly analyzing my own moods and daily habits. Overall, I have started to feel like it is easier to wake up in the morning and get my day started, I feel like my mood has improved and my daily stressors do not seem to get the best of me as much. I truly recommend these to people looking to have a boost in productivity and overall well-being.
- Lanna V. from Huntington Beach CA, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy Technician